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The Fear of Monkeys
is an E-Zine that features politically conscious writing. The plan when the zine first went online in 2004 was to present issues on a series of wide-ranging topics. Accordingly, over the dozens of issues spanning those years we have presented poetry, short stories, a novella, short dramas, formal and informal essays, graphics and photographs.

Submit an article, story, graphic or poem now and be heard.

This is an invitation for those of you who wish, or know someone who might wish, to write something vaguely political in nature. The purpose of this Zine is to give voice to those who have written a piece of prose or poetry, and to some degree, graphical or programming art. If you have written, or wish to write, a rant, a poem, a reasoned political article, a response of any kind to contemporary or past events and want to give it wider readership, then this site is for you.

We are soliciting articles from all of you or anyone you know. Please forward this to any of your friends or any lists that you think would be appropriate, or maybe even especially inappropriate.

The Fear of Monkeys is a teenager, so let's teach it to be civil, keep it away from the phone, make it include the relatives in its discussions, and generally try to make it a citizen of our varied and delightful world.

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