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Gale Acuff
Kristin Agudelo
Tunji Ajibade
R A Allen
     Rueful Confessions
Cori Amoroso
     A Social Change
Mileva Anastasiadou
John Andreini
Christiano Artuso
     Opening the Aviary
     Response to a Thread
     Manitoba’s Silent Spring: our Disappearing Birds
Dick Ault
     Thanksgiving (2016)
Amina Baljic
Rick Bailey
Stephen Baily
     Necktie Party
Jim Barone and Bill Barone
Mike Bates
Gary Beck
Gaby Bedetti
     Postmodern Post Office Etiquette
J. David Bell
     We Were Warmed
     Revenge of the Killer Cows
     Just a Theory
Alice Benson
     No More Secrets
Russ Bickerstaff
Richie Billing
     The White of the Canvas
Cynthia Bissell

     Conservatism in America
     What's Wrong With this Picture?
Richard Bissell
     I Saw the Movie
     There is Nothing that Shakes the Brain
     The Inquisition Game
     Let Them Eat Cake
Eleanor Leonne Bennett
Ray Blackwood
Kayla Blau
Roy Blokker
     The Child Who Never Was
     The Murderers Among Us

Sandor Elias Blum
     Repair the World
Kaye Branch
Jude Brigley
     Last Woman Standing
     The Proverbial
     Each of Them Could Be Us
Henry Brown
Lorraine Caputo
Who Are You?
Steve Carr
     Identity Crisis
     The Big Down Boys
     John True Eagle Goes to War
C.D. Carter
Marc Carver
     Time to Change
     Three Stooges
     A Different Perspective
Silvio Cascino
     My Cute Little Gypsy
Seth Cason
     Unpatriotic Teenage Shooting Victims Continue to Thwart the Constitutional Rights of Joe the Plumber
Andrés Castro
     There are Fellow Travelers and then There are Fellow Travelers
     Abuelo's Last Wish: Independence
Yuan Changming
     The President and the Mouse
Ahsan Chowdhury
     A Watery Pilgrimage
Phillip Henry Christopher
     Searching Amongst Pictures of the Killed
Tony Colella
Jimmy Coleman
     Grandma & the KKK
     Mr. Son of a Bitch
the birds sing...Jesus loves is good
Lee Conrad
     And the Rocks Came
Lauren Corman
Peter Dabbene
     Ken Sollop, Agent of C.H.A.N.G.E.!
Christopher Davis
Daniel W. Davis
Holly Day
     Over Amber Waves of Grain
     In Summation
     Under the Sun
     The Night
     Shut Me Down
     Still Life at the Beach
Marva Dasef
Doug Dawson
     A Game of Chess
Stephanie Decker
JD DeHart
     Bible Times Dinner Theater
     Small Clemency
     Less Than Wise
     Glass Ceiling
     A Monster's Diary
David DeLange
     Political Persuasion as Art and Craft
DC Diamondopolous
     The Bell Tower
     Leaves of Grass: An Apothecary
     Billy Luck
Emily Dillner
Colin Dodds
     Carved into the Bar
     Spill-O Charms a Lady Cop
Joseph Donnelly
Sushma R Doshi
     The Odd Couple
Ron Dowell
     Job Collateral Lies Dead on Compton Creek
H. L. Dowless
     King of Cat
     A Day in the High Life of a Steel Walker
Doug Draime
Rick Edelstein
Charis Emanon
     The Accidental Bureaucrat
Joseph Engar
Rahctel Ettoltrab
Kindra J. Ferriabough
Jéanpaul Ferro
Julie Finch
Travis Flatt
The Bucket
Jeff Fleischer
Michael Frissore
Deb C. Gaisford
Daniel Giardina
Ben Gilbert
     When the North Star Falls
     Crystal Night
     The Scallops of Rye Bay
     The Hunt
     Dark Kate
     Made in Russia
Tim Goldstone
Howie Good
     Epistemologies of Ignorance
     Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois
     The Doctors
B. Craig Grafton
     Rocky And Bullwinkle Discuss Their Presidents
     Affirmative Hiring
     IRS Rollover
     Fowl Election
     A House Divided
     Barnyard Security
     Did You Ever Wonder?
     The Curse of Collusion
     Standing for the Flag
     The Climate Is Changing. The Climate Is Changing
     A More Convenient Truth
Billy Granger
Susan Grant
     Our Division is Not Making America Great Again
Sue Granzella
     All the White People
Titus Green
     Situation Room
     Medusa Returns
     The Clockwork Prophet
John Grey
     Day at the Zoo
     The Show
     Tank Tales
     To the Beautiful Woman
     Back in her Day
     Dear Job
     Café Life
     A Pilgrim's Progress
     Herein, the Job
     Jessie Refers to Herself as a Housewife
     A Star in the Making
     The Missing Woman
     A Poem by a Body Washed up on the Shore
     The Revolution
     The Last Nazi
     A Young Woman Reads Her Poetry in a Coffeehouse
     Can't Breathe
James Hanna
     Hayley's Picnic
     Sam the Poontang Man
     Born on a Mountaintop
     Orville Baumgardner and the Deep State
     Orville Baumgardner and the Big Lie
     Orville Baumgardner and the Pitiless Wind
James Hannon
     May Day in Munich, 2013
     Sarajevo Monday
     Monday Afternoon, Norfolk Prison
     Team Player
Jewel Hart
     Riding Light
Tracy Hauser
T.R. Healy
Kyle Heger
Mumia x 2
Todd Heldt
     The Internet Café at the End of the World
Kyle Hemmings
TS Hidalgo
J L Higgs
     Mr. Smith's Son Goes to Washington
Andrew J. Hogan
Paul Hostovsky
     Leveling the Playing Field
     The Sadness of Dads

Phyllis Houseman
     A Lesson in Cultural Priorities
Gil Hoy
Acquiring Wealth
Pamela Hudson
     Yellow Tomatoes
A. J. Huffman
     Digital Penetration
     Everyone Says I Should Care
Sylva Nze Ifedigbo
Linda Imbler
Susan Jahangiri
     A Cat in Marina Piccola
     Two Llamas
Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa
Zeke Jarvis
     The Beast
Scott Archer Jones
Stacey Margaret Jones
Andrew Jury
     Dystopia Now: Doublethink in the 21st Century
     Manufacturing Terror
Margaret Karmazin
     The Neighborly Thing
Michael C. Keith
     Out on a Limb
     Doppleman’s Double
     Colonel Hiram's Companions
     Smoke and Mirrors
     Padre Lamente
Raud Kennedy
      Meeting my Past
      You Can Be Whatever You Want to Be
      Sniff This!
      Slug Boy
Malcolm M. Kenton
Caroline Kepnes
Mark Koltko-Rivera
Tim Law
      Nothing Like You
Diane Lefer
Kamur Leumas
Adam Valen Levinson
Rob Loughran
Grace Lu
     Is Theatre Racist?
Blaise Lucey
Ben Macnair
     Man, you should have been there
Donal Mahoney
     Wall Street
     Returning to Work
     Crackling Again
     Caseworker Determining Eligibility
     It's Best to Leave Cootie Alone
     When Autism Had No Name

     Sleep Apnea or Agent Orange: Let's Hear It for Monsanto!
     Caseworker Takes Notes
     Vacillating Benny and Monsanto Max
     Ash Wednesday
     Study in Fidelity
     The Button Workers
     The Ladling of Agent Orange
     Twin Girls, 1948
     The Ronald and the Pyramid Scheme
     Changes Are Coming in 2085, the Senator Says
     Home Invasion Encore
     Going to Planned Parenthood Again
     After Voting for a Bum
     An Urban Legend Confirmed
     A Confrontation Looms
     Imperfect Storm Ends in a Rainbow
     Aren’t You Glad We Asked?
     Anyone Who Steps in the Way
     And It's Not His Fault
     A Rice Cake at Midnight
     Larder Bare with People Hungry
     An Avian Wall Street
     A Traffic Stop Where No One Was Shot
     A Trick My Father Learned in Prison
Sean J Mahoney
     Ladies and Gentleman, does it matter?
When DJT was an Arctic Sea
Melissa Major
Tristan Marajh
Tanya Marquardt
Tim Martin
Pierrino Mascarino
     Orange Scarf
Vegetables Full of Santifying Grace
The Drunken Flamingo
Keri Mathews
Joan Mazza
Matthew McAyeal
Current Affairs
A Fairy Tale about War
The End of the World
Across the Wall
The New Normal
Alison McBain
One Second
Kathleen Zamboni McCormick
Hope Matters, 1970-2020
Catherine McGuire
Don McLellan
Uncle Frank
Peter K McShane
Stephen Mead
Sarah Medill

     They Call it Struggle For a Reason
     K as in
Ela Meyer
Frank Miller
Geoffrey Miller
     What Ravens Do
Tom W. Miller
     Inexplicable Traffic Stop
Peter Mladinic
     How Amazing
Kent Monroe
     Don't Let the Motherfrackers Fool You
Jessica Morey-Collins
Matt Morris
     Bridge to Future Out
     Late for Work Again
Tendai Mwanaka
Matt Nagin
     Song of Doom
Stephen Lee Naish
     North Korea in Fiction and as Fiction
     Commando, Arnold Schwarzenegger and U.S Foreign Policy
Jeff Nazzaro
     Tickets and Contracts
Burgess Needle
Jed Neill
Dorene O’Brien
Douglas J. Ogurek
     The Prafts and the Hywisps
Jimmy Pappas
     Cy's Queer!
Julie Parks
     Black Eyes
Robert Pasternak
Alejandro Patagonia
Joel Patterson
Amy Penne
James Penha
     Rainbow Café
Richard King Perkins II
     Grease Poet
     Freshman Barometer
James G. Piatt
Frederick Pollack
     The Old Ward
     Lethal Injection
Barry Pomeroy
     Giving in the Holiday Season
Ken Poyner
     The Bomb Maker
     Election Night Blues
     The Market
     The Glass Prostitute
     Family Planning
     Ebookery: One Sudden Perspective
     The Environment Store
     The Interrogation
     Even with Books, All Technology Devolves to Rocks
     Touring the Launch Facility
     What is Best
     The Queue
     War Crimes
     Common Ground
     Public Education
     The Day When There Is No Longer Any Way to Avoid the Apocalypse
     Learning What It Takes
     Along the Golan Heights
John Rachel

Dan Raphael
     Saying When
Francis Raven
Richard Risemberg
     Love in Three Rooms
Eldon Reishus
R.A. Riekki
     Banned Books
     The Gun Show in Alabama
Andrew Rihn
Robert Ronnow
     At Basketball
R.D. Ronstad
     Trump, PI and the Case of the Masamune Sword (and Golf)
Alison Ross
     Middle Class Aspirations in an Ominous Economy
     Abolish Work: The Art of Zen-Surrealism
     It was a "Texas Dashcam Vid": Corrupt Cops and Black Heroines
     The Zombies of Bigotry: Oscar-Snubbed "Get Out" Slashes Through White Supremacy
J. Paul Ross
     The Parable of B.D. Mannheim
     The Chorus of Furies
Fred Russell
     Fox News: First Impressions and a Potshot or Two
     Evolution 2: The Roots of Racism
CLS Sandoval
Weldon H. Sandusky
     The Mexican in the Bathroom Issues 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25
Iftekhar Sayeed
     In the Beginning Was the Word
     An Elegy for the News
     The Flames of Freedom Part 1
     The Flames of Freedom Part 2
     A Vision of Venus
     Of Sons and Sacrifice
     A School for Freedom
     Tiger, Tiger!
     The Wall
     Page 6
     A Victim of Democracy
     White Lies
     The Rein In Spain
     The Widow's Vote
     The Buffet
     Prayer for My Daughter
     What George Floyd's Death Means - Or Should Mean - In Bangladesh
Karen Schauber
     Grandpa's Not Feeling Well
Joel Schueler
     Covid Kiss
Stephen Schwei
     Gay Is…
Ted Scott
     The Missing Commandment
     Populist Science -- Notes from a Diary
Tom Sheehan
     The Hermit of Breakheart Woods
     The Town without Butter
     Too Much Asia to Erase
John Sheirer
     To Themselves
Jon Shifrin
Julie Sichi
     Why She Went In
James R. Silvestri
Desiree Simons
     Dark Halls and Cold Hearts: The Magdalene Girls
     Beneficial Brainwashing
Preeti Singh
     A Good Girl
Fred Skolnik
     Choosing Sides: the Arab-Israel Conflict in U.S. Eyes
Steve Slavin
     The Last of the Red Diaper Babies
Carol Smallwood
     A Survivors Meeting
     A Matter of Proof
Lee Smiley
     A Coup in Chuckistan
Curtis Smith
Eric Dreyer Smith
     The Searcher's Jamboree
Amanda Steel
     Choose Life, Choose Homelessness
David A. Stelzig
     The Legacy of Charles Darwin
     First Sin
Stuart Stromin
     Knock Knock
Thomas Sullivan
     The Office 2
     Go Ducks!
Alan Swyer
     The Last Case
     Intellectual Property
     Jury Duty
     White Privilege
     It's More Expensive To Do Nothing
Been There, Done That
Phil Temples
     Waiting for Anna
     The Prophecy
     Thy Will Be Done
     Profit and Loss
Executive Order
Henry F. Tonn
     A Convenient Solution
     The President’s Last Budget Proposal
Tony Tracy
Jim Tuggle
     Déjà vu
     Wake Up
Jeff Valois
Jim Valvis
     The Fragging Episode
     Swisher Sweets
Vivi Vargas
Anthony Villett
Sam Virzi
Mitchell Waldman
     Honk for Jesus
Christian Ward
     The Year the Blackbirds Died
Jared Ward

Solomon Wawatie
Lowell Weber
     Old School
How to Exercise Your Insanity
Nicholas Wilczynski
     And Justice for All
Thomas Reed Willemain
The Election of 2024
Ken Williams
     Irreconcilable Differences
Peabody Winston
Laryssa Wirstiuk
Christopher Woods
Nanci Lee Woody
     Aisle of Death
     Nothing's Going On
     These Hands
     The Toilet Dilemma
Harlan Yarbrough
     Peter Pater
Whit Young
     The Lynching at the Legion
     A Penny for Your Thinking
     Circumcision and Zyklon B
     A Letter to All American Troops
Jeffrey Zable
     The Diary
     The Warning
     Most of the Time
     A Made Boy

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