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Submission Guidelines

Submissions must first and foremost be works which concern political and social issues - Please see The Fear of Monkeys Mission Statement

Submissions must be in HTML, text, RTF, Word, or Word readable format. Attachments are preferred.

Avoid weighty graphics and charts. If your submission is a graphic it may be published, but the primary purpose of this Zine is written material.

If special formatting is necessary or desired, be aware of html's limitations.
There is no length limitation, but please be reasonable.

Submissions are only to be made by the author of the text or on behalf of the author. Do not submit the work of another and claim it yourself.

For slander reasons, avoid real names unless they belong to a public figure. We do NOT accept works promoting racial hatred or violence, sexism, or homophobia. Other than those simple rules, and the necessity of maintaining a certain literary merit, anything goes.

Multiple Submissions: Welcomed

Simultaneous Submissions: OK

Reprints: Yes

Bad Logic: Not so much

The writer retains all copyright, but indicate if you want your name (or another) listed with your article and if you wish to provide a contact email address for your prospective fans. Please include a biography written in the third person with, if you wish, a link to your website.

Submit all articles, stories, poems, programs, and graphics to widespread.fear.of.monkeys[kill_spam]

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