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The Spider Monkey - Issue One

The Long-Tailed Macaque - Issue Two

The Black Gibbon - Issue Three

The Dusky Leaf Monkey - Issue Four

The Orang-utan - Issue Five

The Howler Monkey - Issue Six

The Siamang - Issue Seven

The Andean Night Monkey - Issue Eight

The Silvered Leaf Monkey - Issue Nine

The Squirrel Monkey - Issue Ten

The Senegal Galago - Issue Eleven

The Tantalus Monkey - Issue Twelve

The Brown Capuchin Monkey - Issue Thirteen

The Brown Titi Monkey - Issue Fourteen

The White-Tufted Marmoset - Issue Fifteen

The Patas Monkey - Issue Sixteen

The White-Handed Gibbon - Issue Seventeen

The Rhesus Macaque - Issue Eighteen

The Black-mantled Tamarin - Issue Nineteen

The Banded Leaf Monkey - Issue Twenty

The Pig-Tailed Macaque - Issue Twenty-One

The Proboscis Monkey - Issue Twenty-Two

The Tibetan Macaque - Issue Twenty-Three

The Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey - Issue Twenty-Four

The Maroon Leaf Monkey - Issue Twenty-Five

The Olive Baboon - Issue Twenty-Six

The Lowland Gorilla - Issue Twenty-Seven

Delacour's Langur - Issue Twenty-Eight

Wied's Marmoset - Issue Twenty-Nine

Purple-Faced Langur - Issue Thirty

Red-Shanked Douc - Issue Thirty-One

Myanmar Snub-Nosed Monkey - Issue Thirty-Two

Gursky's Spectral Tarsier - Issue Thirty-Three

The Blue Monkey - Issue Thirty-Four

The Moor Macaque - Issue Thirty-Five

The White-Thighed Sirili - Issue Thirty-Six

The Lar Gibbon - Issue Thirty-Seven

The Large-Headed Capuchin - Issue Thirty-Eight

The Manyara Monkey - Issue Thirty-Nine

The Udzungwa Red Colobus - Issue Forty

Celebes Crested Macaque - Issue Forty-One

White-Throated Guenon - Issue Forty-Two

The Vervet Monkey - Issue Forty-Three

The Yellow Baboon - Issue Forty-Four

The Mantled Howler Monkey - Issue Forty-Five

The Tufted Gray Langur - Issue Forty-Six

The Indri - Issue Forty-Seven

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