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The Andean Night Monkey, photo from Christian ArtusoThe Andean Night Monkey Night monkeys are found in the Andes range throughout South America. Night monkeys inhabit evergreen tropical rainforests and deciduous scrub forests, as well as habitat along rivers. They prefer dense middle-level canopies and understories with tangled vines that provide cover for sleeping sites. They also like hollows in old trees (Note the photo). Night monkeys eat mainly fruits, but also consume leaves, flowers, insects, tree frogs, spiders, bats, birds, and eggs. They forage for food at all levels of the forest, from the canopy down to the forest floor. Night monkeys are hunted for their meat and fur by native people and poachers and are sold as pets and used for medical research. The IUCN lists the Andean night monkey as Vulnerable, facing a high risk of extinction in the wild, because of small populations and habitat destruction from deforestation.


And Justice for All - Nicholas Wilczynski
Janitors are often called upon to clean up messes, but what if their job involved enforcement?

Returning to Work - Donal Mahoney Sharing a cigarette is a private moment, a commiseration, and a eulogy

The Empire Strikes Out - Jon Shifrin If American greatness is only a myth, what can we cling to in the new millennium?

Religion or Politics - James R. Silvestri What we argue about can seem suddenly petty when we are confronted with the similarity of our fears

Doomsday - Catherine McGuire Can the doom of the world be taken as seriously without commercial breaks to give it substance?

Cry - Caroline Kepnes Caught between the grueling degradation of poverty and the responsibilities of legal slavery, life as a slave is not a life of choice

The Gondolier of Bethesda Landing - Mark Koltko-Rivera Following a well-trodden commercial path has its rewards, but where will it leave us when we glance back over what influence we could have had?

Vegetables Full of Santifying Grace - Pierrino Mascarino Many people complain about the toxicity of our food, but not everyone is willing to lay their produce on the line

Let Them Eat Cake - Richard Bissell Perhaps the only real answer to our political platter is a hard diet of fact, topped with a dessert of reality

Election Season - Blaise Lucey Anything can be bought, and when the right political impetus is brought to bear, anything can be sold

One More Ambiguity - Stephen Mead A moment in the elevator can both lift us out of our mundane life and confront us firmly with the clay that is our fellow humans

The Missing Commandment - Ted Scott What happens when our political exigency is put to the ultimate test of morality from both religious and United Nations texts? A need for more research.

Nazi - John Grey The brash thoughtlessness of youth has something of the nazi in it

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