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The Rhesus Macaque, photo from Christian ArtusoThe Rhesus Macaque is brown or grey in color and has a pink face, and they are both arboreal and terrestrial. They are quadrupedal and, when on the ground, they walk digitigrade and plantigrade. Adult males measure approximately 53 cm tall on average and weigh about 7.7 kg and they are mostly herbivorous, feeding on mainly fruit, but also eating seeds, roots, buds, bark, and cereals, as well as some insects. Rhesus macaques are native to northern India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Afghanistan, Vietnam, and southern China. They have the widest geographic ranges of any nonhuman primate, occupying a great diversity of altitudes; they may be found in grasslands, woodlands, arid open areas, and in mountainous regions up to 2,500 m in elevation. They are regular swimmers. Perhaps because humans and macaques apparently share about 93% of their DNA sequence and shared a common ancestor roughly 25 million years ago, Rhesus macaques are noted for their tendency to move from rural to urban areas, coming to rely on handouts or refuse from humans. Due to its relatively easy upkeep in captivity, wide availability and closeness to humans anatomically and physiologically, it has been used extensively in medical, biological, and psychological research. Even though, in psychological research, rhesus macaques have demonstrated a variety of complex cognitive abilities, including the ability to make same-different judgments, understand simple rules, monitor their own mental states, and have even been shown to demonstrate self-agency, an important type of self-awareness, the rhesus macaque was used in the well-known experiments on maternal deprivation carried out in the 1950s by controversial comparative psychologist Harry Harlow. The U.S. Army and NASA launched rhesus macaques into outer space during the 1950s and 1960s, and the Soviet/Russian space program launched them into space as recently as 1997. One of these primates was allowed to return alive. In January, 2001 a Rhesus macaque, the first transgenic primate carried foreign genes originally from a jellyfish.


Padre Lamente


Michael C. Keith

The ceremony of innocence is drowned
-- William Butler Yeats

I know they'll say I've treated that boy badly. At least that's what they'll believe, because that's how they view things. I'm not going into the details, but you can bet the courts would hang my hide if I were to go on trial. But what I did shouldn't even be a crime. After all, physical affection and intimacy at any age should be accepted as perfectly natural and normal. That's how I see it, and I'm surely not alone in thinking so . . . trust me.

Hey, I like women, too. Not grown guys, though. I'm no fag just because I'm attracted to young boys. Shit, the Greeks were, too. Their warriors took boys to the battlefield to service their needs, and then those boys grew up and did the same. It was a tradition, for heaven's sake. An accepted practice back then, and we revere the Ancient Greeks, don't we?

Well, either way, I don't have any intentions of getting caught by the law or attacked by the kid when he grows up and seeks revenge. He shouldn't do that, of course, but that does happen in this world. I loved him in my own special way. He should recognize that when he's an adult and appreciate it for what it was, but he probably won't. So there's only one thing left to do . . . get him before he gets me.

He's only a tender 13 now, so I'm not worried about him coming after me. Not yet, anyway. He's so small and passive . . . a baby, really. I'm not all that concerned about him telling anybody, at least not for a while. He's too confused by what I did with him and probably too embarrassed to say anything. But he'll be a different story in a few years. I'll have to plan for the eventualities, I suppose. Isn't that a shame . . . in a so-called civilized society?

Well, he's coming over, and we're going to spend a little quality time together. I bought him a special outfit that he can only wear when he comes to my house. I think he'll like it. He may think it's a little odd, but I'll convince him that it's not and ask him to please put it on just for me. He'll do that. He does what I ask him. He's nice that way. I really do love him.

Oh, there's the doorbell. He's here.

Hi, Tommy, come on in. Well, don't you look cool in that jacket? Is it new?

Who are those men in suits behind him?

Oh, you brought someone with you? Hello, who might you gentlemen be?

Please step outside, sir, and turn around. You're under arrest for indecent acts against a minor . . .

Under arrest! I never did anything like that! That's disgusting! What did you tell these men, Tommy?

I thought you loved me.

Michael C. Keith writes stories and teaches college.
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