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The Senegal Galago, photo from Christian ArtusoThe Senegal Galago, or the lesser bush baby, is a small (130mm and 95-300 grams) nocturnal primate. They are agile leapers, and live in dry woodland regions and savannah regions of Africa south of the Sahara. They have woolly thick fur that ranges from silvery grey to dark brown. They have large eyes, strong hind limbs, and long tails, which help them balance. Their ears are made up of four segments that can bend back individually, to aid their hearing when hunting insects at night. Their omnivorous diet is a mixture of other small animals, including birds and insects, fruit, seeds, flowers, eggs, nuts, and tree gums. They are polygynous, and the females raise their young in nests made from leaves. They have 1-2 babies per litter, with gestation period being 110120 days. Bush babies are born with half-closed eyes, unable to move about independently. After a few days, the mother carries the infant in her mouth, and leaves it on convenient branches while feeding. At the end of the night, group members use a special rallying call and gather to sleep in a nest made of leaves, in a group of branches, or in a hole in a tree. Their potential predators include mongooses, genets, jackals, domestic cats and dogs, raptors (especially owls), and snakes. In addition, several primates, including humans, Grey-cheeked mangabeys, blue monkeys, and chimpanzees, who have constructed spears, sometimes prey on bushbabies.


Election Night Blues


Ken Poyner

It is always the same one-liners.
The same do you come here often,
The inevitable I will forever
Love you in the morning.
You've got to know
Even now the whole thing is run
By the organ harvesters. Soon
You will be in the same cash-only
Hotel room, wrapped lazily in the sheet,
Drifting off as you watch
Your new lover slip out, while
An expert team of organ men
Slip in and set up their field of knives.
Your liver for a boy in Oregon.
Kidneys split between a businessman
In Idaho and a well kept woman
In Missouri. Your teeth
Go to the University of Lexington.
Your corneas both head to New York.
And one lung is fed to a chain smoker
In the vacation lands of North Carolina.
By morning, your parts are well on the way
To growing less perfectly back
And you drag yourself to the shower
To rinse out of your own blood.
Then you hear him slowly
Folding back the shower curtain -
As naked as you, but cleaner,
Wearing nine stiff inches of grief
And a bad boy look that gets him
Unchallenged into the tub.
It is not his promises that get you.
Darkly playful in your mind almost
You think this is some game of simple sex and you rub
The indentation where your resurgent liver
Is dutifully coming in new again and larger and think
Oh don't stop, don't stop.
Just make the most of it.

Ken Poyner has had fiction of late in Corium and Kill Author, and poetry in Adirondack Review, Medulla Review, Blue Collar Review, Poet Lore and about forty other places. His wife is a world class power lifter and the two together live a somewhat strange life in the right hand bottom corner of Virginia. His book "Constant Animals", 42 unruly fictions, is $4.99 as an e-book and vendor links available at
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