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The Black-mantled Tamarin: photo from Christian ArtusoThe Black-mantled Tamarin is a species of tamarin from the northwestern Amazon in far western Brazil, southeastern Colombia and northeastern Peru where they mainly eats insects, leaves, and fruit. They are 1528 cm in length and their tail length is 2742 cm. Family groups consisting of a male, a female and 1 or 2 young live in a defined territory - the female marks branches on the boundaries of the territory with secretions of her anal glands and urine. The female gives birth to 2 young after a gestation of 140 to 150 days. They are listed as Least Concern due to its adaptability to disturbed habitats, presumed large populations, and occurrence in a number of protected areas. It is not believed to be declining at a rate sufficient to qualify for a threatened category. Although they were captured for export for biomedical research in the 60s and 70s, they are still common.




JD DeHart

Each doll is arranged and crafted
Carefully, dressed to the tiniest detail
A child's hand was so cautious
Delicately placing until lights dim
All hell, as they say, breaks loose
Mother doll takes out her minute flask
She is tired of this toy ordeal
Father doll stays on the computer
Doing "research" - mother knows
What that means, this is not her first
Rodeo, oh buddy oh boy
She even has a program to track
Her doll husband's online movements
Baby doll is trying desperately to find
A way to tell them she is pregnant
Do not worry - she is in love, the daddy
A military man from the guest room
There is a sound in the yard, if you could
Call it a yard, and Father doll goes to check
Screaming profanity at the neighbor's dog
Brandishing his useless plastic shotgun
Step away from that window, Mother doll
Says, You are just a plaything
Father doll returns, deflated, plopping down
On the couch that is never comfortable
While the child snores lightly in her bed.

JD DeHart teaches English and has had writing in Garden Gnomes' Biblical Legends Anthology, The Commonline Journal, and Eye On Life Magazine, among others. He also has work forthcoming in a variety of journals. DeHart blogs on
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