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The Black-mantled Tamarin: photo from Christian ArtusoThe Black-mantled Tamarin is a species of tamarin from the northwestern Amazon in far western Brazil, southeastern Colombia and northeastern Peru where they mainly eats insects, leaves, and fruit. They are 1528 cm in length and their tail length is 2742 cm. Family groups consisting of a male, a female and 1 or 2 young live in a defined territory - the female marks branches on the boundaries of the territory with secretions of her anal glands and urine. The female gives birth to 2 young after a gestation of 140 to 150 days. They are listed as Least Concern due to its adaptability to disturbed habitats, presumed large populations, and occurrence in a number of protected areas. It is not believed to be declining at a rate sufficient to qualify for a threatened category. Although they were captured for export for biomedical research in the 60s and 70s, they are still common.


Time to Change

It is two in the morning
and something got me out of bed.
It is that feeling again
that feeling that says.

It is all going to come tumbling down.
You got lucky for a while
lived a life without people
without problems
but now it is all going to change
are you ready?
Sitting here now
as the words come out.
I guess I have to say
Yea in a way.

Marc Carver has published about a thousand poems around the world but he gets the most enjoyment when he gets a call from someone who says they like his work. So on he goes.
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