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The Tantalus Monkey, photo from Christian ArtusoThe Brown Capuchin Monkey is a New World primate who lives in the northern Amazon rainforest of the Guyanas, Venezuela and Brazil. They are also found in eastern Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, including the upper Andean Magdalena valley in Colombia, and a population was established in the Republic of "Trinidad and Tobago". The capuchin has a head-body length of 32 to 57 centimetres and a weight of 1.9 to 4.8 kilograms and mostly eats fruit, insects, larvae, eggs, young birds, frogs, lizards, and even bats. They are also known to chase cats. They can be found in many different kinds of environment, including moist tropical and subtropical forest, dry forest, and disturbed or secondary forest. They are social, and form groups of 8 to 15 individuals that are led by an alpha male. Important natural enemies of the capuchin are large birds of prey who they are so afraid of that they even become alarmed when a harmless bird flies over. The capuchin rubs urine on its hands and feet in order to attract mates and reduce stress. They also use stones and sticks as tools. One population of this species uses stones as a tool to open hard nuts. The monkey lays the nut on a large, flat rock or fallen tree, hammering the nut with a suitable stone until the nut cracks. The anvil rock is often pock-marked with hollows as a result of repeated use. They have also been observed using containers to hold water, using sticks (to dig nuts, to dip for syrup, and to catch ants), using sponges to absorb juice, using stones as hammer and chisel to penetrate a barrier, and using stones as hammer and anvil to crack nuts. Some of these tasks seem relatively simple by cognitive standards, but others, like cracking nuts with hammer and anvil, are only exceeded in complexity by chimpanzees and some humans.


The Market


Ken Poyner

Sixteen children died in the attack. Two teachers were seriously wounded, but the placement of the explosive devices supports the conclusion that generating as much destruction as possible amongst the children was the terrorists' aim.

Any reason behind the tragedy is unexplained, and any information tying the perpetrators to the school, or to this play yard, is completely unknown.

But it does not have to be that way. Our firm retains some of the best historians and social scientists available. Many have been published in the finest academic journals, and mainline as tenured professors at important colleges and universities. Most have acted as analysts on national security projects, and undertaken customer analysis work for Fortune 500 companies.

Before you plant your first pipe bomb, or wrap your first shoe box of children's jacks in rat poison, we can compare the tangled lines of your ancestry with the expected ancestry of your intended victims, and come up with a precise historical intersection that will show that, at some point, your ancestors were oppressed by their ancestors. Enslaved, impoverished, massacred, insulted, maligned. It does not much matter. There is always something out there in the ethnic or racial memory. Our information reach goes back for centuries, even millennia.

Our huge database, along with out patented search engine - all guided by our unmatched team of liberal arts professionals - can find the appropriate point of vengeance, the wrong that must be righted. With customizable search parameters, we can shade the offense against any number of preferred outrages, provide a range of incidents across historical and geographical constructs, defend options based on age or sex or numbers involved, and will develop sidebar projections detailing the anticipated impact of your selected rationale on any proposed audience.

Why be known for senseless violence, when, with a bit of up front planning, you can be heralded for establishing justice? The fact that their people, twelve generations removed, wronged your people, twelve generations removed, changes everything. Heroes are made out of justifications, not with acts.

You do not have to do this alone. Without adequate preparation, eventually the public will question your motives. All your efforts might end up wasted: your need to make an open statement of principle could be seen as merely some lame, hopelessly ill-aimed comment about your personal virility. You might be seen as an inadequate, misguided man whose one method of expression is violent imposition, the creation of fear for personal vindication.

The outcome can be brighter, the news releases more upbeat. A full package of our services will guarantee that there is some historically and socially relevant reason for your devastating action. We will lay out the case, and cite available references; we will even have our in-house essayist write you a manifesto decrying the packaged offense.

Nothing gets any easier. In the end, all you have to do is kill.

Ken Poyner has had fiction of late in Corium and Kill Author, and poetry in Adirondack Review, Medulla Review, Blue Collar Review, Poet Lore and about forty other places. His wife is a world class power lifter and the two together live a somewhat strange life in the right hand bottom corner of Virginia. His book "Constant Animals", 42 unruly fictions, is $4.99 as an e-book and vendor links available at
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