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The Lar Gibbon  from Christiano Artuso The Manyara Monkey is new to science, which means that even though their location has been identified, little is known about their habits and how they might differ from the other gentle monkeys. They have a geographic range extending over between 1,500 and 5,900 square kilometres around Lake Manyara--hence the name--in the central-northern part of Tanzania. The ecosystems here, including groundwater, mid-altitude and montane forests at elevations of 960 to 2,550 metres, are relatively understudied. But based on other studies of the gentle monkeys, it is likely that the Manyara monkey is an important disperser of forest tree seeds and an important consumer of invertebrates. Gentle monkeys, sometimes also called greater periphery monkeys, are large, long-tailed, tree-dwelling monkeys found across Southern and East Africa. They inhabit evergreen forests at various altitudes, and they are known to have highly developed arboreal skills compared to some other types of monkey. Despite the fact that 60% (around 3,500 kmē) of their probable geographic distribution lies within six protected areas, they are endangered. They face the same human-driven threats as other primates in Tanzania, including the degradation, loss and fragmentation of their forest habitat; poaching; loss of wildlife corridors; fires; invasion of exotic plants; and climate change. They are also hunted for bushmeat.


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