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The Black Gibbon

The Black Gibbon
The black gibbon is a small arboreal ape weighing about 8 kg. They prefer subtropical evergreen forests and eat leaf buds, shoots, and fruits. Gibbons are mainly diurnal. The black gibbon is the only polygamous gibbon species. The black gibbon was once widespread in forests throughout southern China and Vietnam and into Laos and Cambodia. In 1990 the only area where black gibbon populations were reported to be healthy was in Yunnan Province, China. In 2000 they were in China, Laos and Vietnam. The black gibbon is threatened by loss of its preferred primary forest habitat, as well as by hunting for food and Oriental medicine."



Bullet's Edge


Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa

The governmental dignitaries
inside Lexus Jeeps with tinted glasses,
sirens across streets crowded like Igbudu market
hysterical about Escravos money;

while UniLag graduates roam the streets
of Lagos with sun-burnt credentials
that won't exchange for crumbs of bread.

Farmers abandon their farms
for the hope of an Asso rock job in Abuja.
Lawyers in palm oil stained uniforms
cannot afford dinner at Mr. Biggs,
and professors' baby's milk.

Smoke of gunshots, and reverberations
fill the narrow air.

The sight of dead bodies in gutters
and road junctions at Okumagba Avenue
won't make you shake and sweat.

The blood-stained-tears,
and yells in bereaving rooms,
you won't see or hear.

Death to process,
Wealth to success.

That is the Motto.

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