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The Black Gibbon

The Black Gibbon
The black gibbon is a small arboreal ape weighing about 8 kg. They prefer subtropical evergreen forests and eat leaf buds, shoots, and fruits. Gibbons are mainly diurnal. The black gibbon is the only polygamous gibbon species. The black gibbon was once widespread in forests throughout southern China and Vietnam and into Laos and Cambodia. In 1990 the only area where black gibbon populations were reported to be healthy was in Yunnan Province, China. In 2000 they were in China, Laos and Vietnam. The black gibbon is threatened by loss of its preferred primary forest habitat, as well as by hunting for food and Oriental medicine."



The Year the Blackbirds Died*


Christian Ward

They found the birds impaled

on white picket fences;

in fist-sized nooses, circling

like trapeze artists trying

to find the safety net;

slumped over tables, wings

hoarding nests of pills.

And all the while, cats

were waiting outside,

their scratching tremors

trying to eek out confessions

from empty mouths.

* On February 19, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 authorising the imprisonment of all Japanese Nationals and tens of thousands of American citizens of Japanese descent living along the West Coast.

Christian Ward is currently working as a Freelance Journalist whilst moonlighting as a writer. His work has previously appeared in Sage Trail, Grasslimb and elsewhere.
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