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The Pig-Tailed Macaque: photo from Christian ArtusoThe Pig-Tailed Macaque is a medium sized Old World monkey who reaches a weight of 5-15 kg in large males and is found in the southern half of the Malay Peninsula (only just extending into southernmost Thailand), Borneo, Sumatra and Bangka Island. They are mostly found in rainforest up to 2000 meters, but will also enter plantations and gardens. They are buff-brown with a darker back and lighter lower parts of the body and their short tail is held semi-erect and reminiscent of the tail of a pig. They are mainly terrestrial but they also are skilled climbers. Unlike almost all primates they love water. They live in large groups split into smaller groups during the day when they are looking for food. They are omnivorous, feeding mainly on fruits, seeds, berries, cereals, fungi and invertebrates. There is a hierarchy among males, based on strength and among females, based on heredity. Thus, the daughter of the dominant female will immediately be placed above all other females in the group. The dominant female leads the group, while the male role is more to manage conflict within the group and to defend it. Sexual maturity is reached at the age of 3-5 years and gestation lasts about 6 months. A mother will give birth to one infant every two years. Weaning occurs at 4-5 months. They are Vulnerable because there is reason to believe the species has declined by at least 30% over the past 30-36 years due primarily by loss of habitat, which is very serious in many parts of its range. There is extensive loss of lowland forest in Malaysia and Indonesia to expanding oil palm plantations, as well as to logging and agricultural expansion. This species is also frequently shot as a crop pest and hunted for food.


A True McDonalds World Cup


Joseph Donnelly

All the players kick the ball down the field
One motion makes them too tired
The strikers try to control the ball but fall down with blood clots
Everyone, defenders included, hope for a foul
                Breathing space
They sit back and pray for a win, anyone,
The only killer is a tie, overtime,

At halftime the players pound Egg McMuffins
enough protein and energy to run ten marathons,
Ten heart attacks,
Alexi Lalas explains the need for French fries,

When the game ends, the water is replaced by Coca Cola,
The winning lap is replaced by a winning smile with a greasy bite into a Quarter Pounder,
People cheer, throw motorolas on the pitch,
Nobody wants to consider their true love for the sport,
Nobody seems to notice the right back who lost his vision,
As the advertisements bubble over,
As the fans eat up franchise information,
The trophy drips of bacon fat and grease,
Obesity is the new inverted triangle.

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