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The Long-tailed Macaque

The Long-tailed Macaque Long-tailed macaques are found in primary, secondary, coastal, mangrove, swamp, and riverine forests in Southern Indochina, Burma, Indonesia, Philippines, and India's Nicobar Islands. These monkeys sport gray to reddish brown body hair, which is lighter on their undersides. The hair on the crown of the head grows into a pointed crest. Male long-tailed macaques have whiskers and mustaches; females have beards. While males grow to between 16 and 25 inches tall, females only reach an average height of 15 to 19 inches. Males weigh approximately 10 to 18 pounds and females 5 to 12 pounds. Long-tailed macaques live in groups of 10 to 48 individuals. Their average lifespan is 37.1 years. Sixty-four percent of the long-tailed macaque's diet consists of fruit. Seeds, buds, leaves, other plant parts, and animals such as insects, frogs, and crabs make up the rest.


Curiosity and the Cat


Billy Granger

It wasn't that curiosity killed the cat, it was that they struck a deal - one in which the cat lost.

The cat being very clever, propositioned curiosity to let the character of the curiosity be known in exchange for a secret. It was an excellent plan, the cat thought, for curiosity, naturally embodying himself, was overcome with intrigue, and felt quite compelled to surrender to the cat's offer. For certain, the cat was correct.

Curiosity pondered the predicament presented by the contest of his character and the cat's trick. After a while, curiosity decided the only thing he could do was to exchange the nature of itself for another greater mystery than what the cat suggested it possessed. The cat, never as curious as curiosity itself, decided instead to kill curiosity and take the secret.

When the cat leaped from the ground in its lethal pounce, it certainly acquired the secret, but certainly not in the intended fashion. For curiosity was the name of a curious dog whose owner's spelled his name so as to disguise him as a concept. Therefore, the cat chose death.

Really, you can't blame cats - I heard they have fucked up sight.

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