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The Orang-utan, photo from Christian Artuso

The Orang-utan
Orang-utans have brown and rust-colored shaggy fur and weigh an average of 50 kg to 90 kg. They live in tropical, swamp and mountain forests, where they eat fruit, leaves and insects. They are arboreal and diurnal and exhibit a sophisticated use of tools for gathering food. The orang-utan was once found throughout Indo-China, Malaysia and north to China. In historical times it has only been known from Sumatra and Borneo. About 100 years ago it was present in most of the rainforest areas on these islands; however, it was never found in large numbers. It has declined drastically since then. The major causes of the orang-utan's decline have been their capture for the pet and zoo trade, especially the capture of young, which usually involved killing the mother and habitat loss, especially through permanent conversion to oil-palm plantations and for logging.




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