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The Squirrel Monkey, photo from Christian ArtusoThe Squirrel Monkey weighs up to about 1 kg. They live in primary and secondary forests and cultivated areas. Disturbed habitats are advantageous because of their greater supply of preferred food - insects (such as grasshoppers) and fruit. They rarely travel on the ground and are most active in the morning and late afternoon. They have large group sizes (40 - 70 individuals) in continuous forest. They are non-aggressive and egalitarian - neither males nor females appear to be dominant. Females are usually the ones who disperse to another troop. The Central American squirrel monkey has always been restricted to the Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica and Panama. They have already declined drastically due to clearing of forests. Currently, deforestation and habitat fragmentation due to agriculture and tourism development are the major causes of decline. Insecticide spraying, the pet trade and electrocution from electric power lines have also adversely affected these squirrel monkeys.


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