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The Black Gibbon

The Black Gibbon
The black gibbon is a small arboreal ape weighing about 8 kg. They prefer subtropical evergreen forests and eat leaf buds, shoots, and fruits. Gibbons are mainly diurnal. The black gibbon is the only polygamous gibbon species. The black gibbon was once widespread in forests throughout southern China and Vietnam and into Laos and Cambodia. In 1990 the only area where black gibbon populations were reported to be healthy was in Yunnan Province, China. In 2000 they were in China, Laos and Vietnam. The black gibbon is threatened by loss of its preferred primary forest habitat, as well as by hunting for food and Oriental medicine."



God's Fault - Jared Ward What goes through the mind of a convicted frozen chicken eater and urinater? What will be his grand defense in court?

The Inquisition Game - Richard Bissell The personal implications of joining the priesthood are profound, even when compared to childhood tie-up games.

The Ultimate Reality Makeover Show: Democratic Eye for the Muslim Guy - Rob Loughran Ever wonder how a conversation between George Dubya and an educated Muslim would go? Read as curious George displays his greatest talents.

A Day in the Life - T The life of a young woman in university might seem glamorous, but is it? Check out T's cartoon for the real scoop. (Removed by Request)

The Office 2.0 - Thomas Sullivan A bold new plan to shelter the homeless as well as lessen social stratification. When Sullivan gets his hands on it, it's not just wasted space.

Nickel and Dimed - Rahctel Ettoltrab If you've ever been treated like a criminal and searched at the border, you may already know this story, although you may not plan ahead as carefully as Ettoltrab.

Bullet's Edge - Oritsegbemi Emmanuel Jakpa Jakpa takes to task the increasingly faceless war with his representation of dusty mindless struggle and its victims.

I'm With Stupid - Jéanpaul Ferro How do you explain the emptiness of our urban culture? Ferro tries to with an equally disaffected other.

Day at the Zoo - John Grey What animal stands outside the cage and what animal is trapped within? Grey ponders the mentality that would cage even as he questions the cage.

From the West - Kamur Leumas Parents, are you worried what your high school student might be up to? Worry no longer, they've joined a cult, and not one of those innocent waving incense and bowing before crosses cults. They're waiting in the woods for Satan.

The Year the Blackbirds Died - Christian Ward Do cats always target birds? Or can something be done to prevent racism? Ward examines the tendency of power to target and attack, even while he reminds us of our shameful past.


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